In the game Aura-Aura Climber, there are three game modes that are accessible; Tutorial, Score Attack, and Endless. In Score Attack and Endless, there are Medals that can be collected from completing various tasks and objectives.

Game Modes Edit

Tutorial Edit

Main article: Tutorial

In Tutorial, the player is taught the basics of the game. It consists of pop up blocks of text that teach you about the ins and outs of moving Aura-Aura throughout levels.

Score Attack Edit

Main article: Score Attack

Score Attack consists of 11 levels for the player to complete and S rank. Competing certain levels unlocks new backgrounds for the menu screens. There are also Medals to collect.

Endless Edit

Main article: Endless

Endless consists of a huge, never-ending level for the player to traverse through. The objective is to see how far Aura-Aura can get into the sky before the time limit runs out. There are also Medals to collect.